b'2021 RETAILER HALL OF FAMEWHATS INSIDE\x1f LETTER FROM THE EDITOR \x19\x1bRETAIL IN DEPTHTHE PERFECT PRESENT \x1d\x1cSINGLESTORE INDEPENDENT INDUCTEES Marc Bridge and Monica Chambers unwrap the thought process DAN & HOPE WIXONbehind their new jewelry e-commerce site. The Wixons are rst-generation jewelers whove \x19\x1fPAST INDUCTEESseen their wildest jewelry dreams come true.\x1d\x1fMULTISTORE INDEPENDENT INDUCTEE \x1a\x19AD INDEX TERRY BETTERIDGE Betteridge has put his hallmark on a family \x1a\x1aFINAL THOUGHTSbusiness that stretches back to the 18th century.A YEAR OF REFLECTION \x1b\x1aMULTISTORE INDEPENDENT INDUCTEE Past Retailer Hall of Fame inductees share the most important lessons theyre taking away from lockdown. MARIE HELENE REINHOLD Reinhold had two early realizations thatserved to set her stores apart later on. 6 RETAILER HALL OF FAME \x14\x13\x14\x12'