b'2021 RETAILER HALL OF FAMEDAN AND HOPE WIXON You cant go, Well, we stop everything when we walk through theIt took us 30 years to accumulate that level of clientele, Dan threshold of our house and engage with our kids and dogs. Work issays. Part of the process was that, at some point in time, when I 24/7 and any business owners who are a couple will tell you that. knew I could afford it, I did anything to make a client happy. If [a It could be Easter [Sunday], but you may be talking about busi- client] had a problem, I fixed it, I didnt care what it was. Thats a ness. Or something could be going on with the kids and thats yourplace where a lot of [retailers] stop themselves also. priority at the moment. You have to stop worrying about balancing itIn more than three decades, the Wixons passion for their trade as much as just making sure you are paying attention to everything. has only grown.Its such a great indus-A YEAR UNLIKE ANY OTHER They have a realtry, Dan muses. Were Like many fine jewelry businesses that already had a digitalpassion for whatso passionate about the presence and were connecting with customers through multiplepeople we deal with and platforms and channels, Wixon Jewelers had an excellent 2020they do, and itthe business we are in, despite the global pandemic.shows throughand the products we are Weve never been busier, says Dan. We are almost over- allowed to sellthe fine whelmed with business; Ive never seen anything like this. every aspect ofwatches, the color we love, Hope adds, It was the most stressful year but, by far, the besttheir business.and who doesnt love a great financially. Its an amazing thing. diamond? Its easy to be The Wixons attribute their success to clients lack of travel andNiveet Nagpal,inspired when you sell these lower spending on things like restaurants and clothes.kinds of things, so you have But they also know that they laid the groundwork for success inOmi Gems got to love it. We do.challenging times.Javaheri sums up the Part of that is hiring and keeping a superb sales staff, whomcouple as National Jeweler Dan describes as people who love their clientele and stay in touchRetailer Hall of Fame recipients: In our industry, trust, integrity, with them. and relationships are key to successful long-term partnerships. The Developing their reputation for customer service started at theWixons reputation for upholding these values is Hall of Fame worthy beginning.in every aspect.'