b'Customer service comes rst for the Wixons. Here, Hope facilitates a gemstone education event. giving back to their community. They have a three-pronged ap-proach to charity.First, they donate to and work with organizations that support children in great need, not neces-sarily getting new baseball jerseys or hockey jerseys, but kids who really have need, says Hope. They also support animal welfare and rescue organizations and, finally, the elderly, which is a segment of the population Congratulations the Wixons believe many businesses overlook when giving back. As a lot of the population is aging, I think their needs become Dan and Hope Wixongreater, says Hope. Theres no one more grateful than the elderly, so we like to go and meet them, adds Dan. of Wixon Jewelers In the past, thats involved projects like visiting a nursing home to deliver each resident a box of chocolates. Interacting with peo-ple on an individual basis makes such a big impact, says Hope. and all of the 2021 Retailer The Wixons fully embody their charitable ethos at home as well.They live on a 300-acre property theyve dedicated to wildlife, Hall of Fame Honorees! using it as a sanctuary that supports the local ecosystem. Dan says theyve restored prairies and wetlands and planted 100,000 trees and shrubs that are dedicated to food and shelter, so the area is now full of animals. The Wixons life as conservationists is another example of Dans foresight. Similar to the Wixon Jewelers store, Dan bought the first piece of their property in 1992. Over the years, the couple has added seven adjacent parcels of land.Their love for animals is apparent even among the watches, diamonds, and gemstones at the store. The Wixons three Labrador retrieversBob Barker, age 13 ; Joe Dynamite, 4; and Timmy Walnuts, 2accompany them to work.Youve always got someone crawling on you and taking your slipper, Hope says. Theres never a dull moment around here.For the Wixons, the line between professional and personal life isnt clear cut, and it doesnt need to be.There is no balance, says Hope. Whatever needs the most attention at the time is where [your attention] gets directed. Hope and Dan pictured with Joe Dynamite, one of their three beloved Labrador retrievers who regularly accompany them to work. The Omi Family thanks you for yourcontributions to our industry and your local communities! 14 RETAILERve.co mFAME \x11\x10\x11\x0f omiprive.com626.331.4533|omipri HALL OF |jewelry@'