b'2021 RETAILER HALL OF FAMETERRY BETTERIDGEFamily-run businesses have a strong connection to their sur-rounding communities and get to be a part of their customers lives, an aspect of the job Terry values.You meet people at very good times, when theyre buying for an anni- Betteridge is an versary or an engagementinstitution within ring. Its one of the coolest times in someones life,our industry. when everything is good,Terrys done an essentially, he says.Theyre young andoutstanding job hopeful. They haventof taking a familyBetteridges store in Aspen, Colorado is located inside become old and jadedand shopworn like I have,business andThe Little Nell Hotel at the foot of Aspen Mountain.he jokes. continuing to grow Terrys made a lot ofcommunity outreach has become an increasingly important way for friends over the counterit in a fashion thathim to give back.through the years, evenwould make theHe works with the Greenwich beautification group, a mix of meeting his wife that way. cool characters, who plant flowers and back various efforts to You become a part offamily proud. keep the town pretty.the community in a veryI love that. It gives me a reason to live, he says.real way, he says. Lee Berg, LeeWith hundreds of years of history behind him, Terry foresees Bet-Decades into his career,Michaels Fine Jewelryteridge staying the course in the years ahead, continuing on its jewelry as he transitions into, asjourneywhich is catering to sophisticated clientele in lovely locales.he puts it, an old bird,We dont seem to have a lot of imagination, jokes Terry. 22 RETAILER HALL OF FAME \x14\x13\x14\x12'