b'2021 RETAILER HALL OF FAMETerry Betteridge is the owner and president of Betteridge, a long-standing independent jeweler with stores in Connecticut, Florida, and Colorado. MULTI\x0cSTORE INDEPENDENT INDUCTEETERRY BETTERIDGEA JewelryF ate will find you wherever you are.Terry Betteridge was in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada, working as a fishing and bow-hunting guide in the summer of 1975, when it came calling.DynastyHis father, Bert Betteridge, had suffered a heart attack and needed his sons help to carry forward the age-old family jewel-ry business to future glory. Terry had some big shoes to fill.TERRY BETTERIDGE DESCENDSGENERATIONS OF JEWELERSFROM A LONG LINE OF JEWELERS,Family-owned jeweler Betteridge can trace its history back to BUT HES PUT HIS OWN18th-century Birmingham, England.At that time, notable silversmith John Betteridge crafted snuff HALLMARK ON THE FAMILY BUSINESS boxes and match holders that were carried in the pockets of well-to-do Englishmen.By Lenore Fedow In 1892, the Betteridges crossed the pond. Goldsmith A.E. (Al-bert Edwin) Betteridge Sr. (lovingly known as the Colonel) and his wife Lucy were processed through Ellis Island the year it opened, two of millions of immigrants headed to America at that time.18 RETAILER HALL OF FAME \x11\x10\x11\x0f'