b'2021 RETAILER HALL OF FAMETERRY BETTERIDGEOver the years, Betteridge has expanded from one to four locations, opening this store in Vail, Colorado in 2004.Founded in 1868, the jeweler had been a mainstay on Worth Ave- when he said Aspen should be the next spot for Betteridge.nue since the 1920s, as noted by its original Art Deco design. After a few offers, he acquired family-owned Hochfield Jewelers, Its mahogany cases and wall units date back to the days of Stan- located inside The Little Nell Hotel at the foot of Aspen Mountain, dard Oil founder Henry Flagler, whose 75-room, 100,000-square- which he describes as the go-to place for the towns social events.foot Gilded Age mansion, now a museum, is just minutes away. After plotting out his expansion, Terry turned his attention back home.Notable for its estate pieces, as well as contemporary designersIn 2015, the Betteridge flagship store in Connecticut moved like Goshwara and Silvia Furmanovich, many of the Palm Beachdown exclusive Greenwich Avenue to a space three times larger.stores clientele are collec- It features in-store Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Philippe boutiques tors with a fine eye.and a club space, complete with a stocked bar for customers.Terry and the formerEach time owner shared a number ofsomething isTHE FUTURE OF BETTERIDGEcustomers who summeredBetteridge is a family business that just keeps on rolling.in Greenwich and win- recycled, it picksTerrys son Win and daughter Brooke joined their father, marking tered in Palm Beach, so itup a little morea fifth generation of fine jewelers.was a good fit. Wins wife Natalie caught jewelry fever as well, working in the In 2014, Betteridgehistory. Recyclingstore and once writing her own jewelry blog. Avid readers visit the arrived in another well-to- infuses thestore to see her in particular, says Terry.do ski town, Aspen.Its a feat to be proud of, says fellow fourth-generation jeweler For Terry, though, therespiece with moreLee Berg, founder of Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, a nine-store fami-more to Aspen than skiing. importance. ly-owned chain based in Louisiana.It is a really, real town,A friend of Terrys for more than 40 years, Berg describes him as not a ski town. It had beenTerry Betteridgefun-loving and somebody who runs an outstanding business.a mining town. It has allIn my eyes, Betteridge is an institution within our industry, he says.these historic structures allTerrys done an outstanding job of taking a family business and over the place, sandstonecontinuing to grow it in a fashion that would make the family proud.from the 1880s, and stories about various bank robbers escapingAs much as the business has grown, the perks of being family from their jails. owned is what keeps Betteridge a private company.I got there and discovered the town is really charming. Beautiful. Though Terry says he has fielded offers from the likes of Tiffany & Filled with a love for the town, Terry heeded a friends suggestionCo., theres a certain freedom in being able to make your own decisions.NATIONAL JEWELER 21'