b'2021 RETAILER HALL OF FAMEDAN AND HOPE WIXONThe Wixons say their biggest accomplishment was setting their sights on stocking luxury watch brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe, then acquiring those brands in the 1990s. The couple approaches new ways of selling head on, constantly adapting to changing retail practices. Our motto is change is good, says Hope, noting that one posi-tive aspect of being a small business is agility. Our [great] ability is, if we dont think something is going well we dont have layers to go through, we just change it. We have that ability to be nimble and adapt to situations that are arising. I think that allowsIf we dont think us to be quick on our feetsomething is and make critical moves atgoing well we critical times.This adaptive mindset isdont have layers intrinsic to the Wixon wayto go through, we of business.Designer Javaheri praises the couples Midwestern work ethic, We like to try newjust change it. saying, I believe part of their ability to reach the level of success things, says Dan. I alwaysthey have thus far is their commitment to their core values in busi-tell people: You can callHope Wixon ness as well as their personal lives.them mistakes or failures,Its rare to find store owners like Dan and Hope who are able but to me theyre justto balance everything they have on their plates so successfully. The things we tried that perhaps didnt work. So, you dont get all de- Wixons have a reputation in our industry for being committed to pressed about it, you dont focus on failures, you move ahead to thequality in every aspect.next thing, throw something else at the wall and see what happens. Nagpal agrees that the Wixons are known for their integrity. Dan and Hope work very well together and they have grown INTEGRITY MATTERS their business by focusing on quality and people, he notes. No matter how the business grows and evolves, the Wixons holdThe people the Wixons serve extend beyond the ones shopping steadfast to certain core principles. in their store or online. An important part of their brand ethos is CONGRATULATIONSto Dan & Hope Wixonon their induction to National JewelersRetailer Hall of Fame!We thank you for all that youve done for this industry and your community.EXCEPTIONAL GEMSTONESIn a world full of precious gems, you both are the rarest of them all.With Tremendous Gratitude, -The Bindra Family NATIONAL JEWELER 13'