b'2021 RETAILER HALL OF FAMEMarie Helene Reinhold is president of Grupo Reinhold, overseeingve stores in Puerto Rico. MULTI\x0cSTORE INDEPENDENT INDUCTEEMARIE HELENE REINHOLD Vision &W hen Marie Helene Reinhold started in the jew-elry business four decades ago, she did some-thing crazy.Resilience your jewelry? She was stocking pieces by a then little-known designer named David Yurman and she asked him, do you mind if I put your name on a little card in front of Branding for jewelry designers? Groundbreaking, truly.MARIE HELENE REINHOLDMarie Helene was the mother of the American designer jewelry category, Yurman said to National Jeweler. She was one of the first HAS AN UNPARALLELED EYEto bring that concept into the mainstream. FOR TALENT AND THE ABILITYToday, as president of Grupo Reinhold, the executive oversees a TO SEE FAILURE AS AN OPPORTUNITY total of five stores, all on the island of Puerto Rico, where she has TO GROW AND MOVE FORWARD lived for nearly 60 years.There are two Reinhold Jewelers-branded stores, a freestanding Tiffany & Co. boutique operated in partnership with the iconic By Michelle Gra jeweler, a freestanding David Yurman store run in partnership with that brand, and a mens concept store called Kiyume.But it didnt start out that way. Like many well-known retailers, 24 RETAILER HALL OF FAME \x11\x10\x11\x0f'