b'LETTER FROM THE EDITOR120 Broadway, Suite 2820 | New York, NY 10271 | www.nationaljeweler.comW elcome back to the NationalEDITOR\x19IN\x19CHIEF Jeweler Retailer Hall of Fame. The annual issue took a hiatusMichelle Grain 2020 due to the difficult circumstancesmichelle.gra@nationaljeweler.combrought about by the pandemic and, later, theEDITORIALracial reckoning that touched every industry,Senior Editor, Gemstones Brecken Branstratorincluding this one.brecken.branstrator@nationaljeweler.comEarly on in 2021, the National Jeweler teamSenior Editor, Fashion Ashley Davisdecided we wanted to bring back the issue inashley.davis@nationaljeweler.comorder to continue to honor retailers and giveAssociate Editor, News Lenore Fedoweveryone some good news to read for a change.lenore.fedow@nationaljeweler.comThis year, we welcome four jewelers intoCONTRIBUTORSthe Hall of Fame. Among them, there are twoCopy Editor Peggy Jo Donahuecommon themes. Design and Layout Weswen DesignNumber one, theyve all demonstrated the ability to bounce back after aMARKETINGCOMMUNICATIONSloss, whether personal or professional. Director of Marketing & CommunicationsMulti-Store Independent inductee Marie Helene Reinhold was forced toMolly Fallon | mfallon@jewelers.orgrebuild her business early on, weathered a devastating hurricane that leveledDigital Content Coordinatorthe island she calls home, and lost her husband and business partner of 30 yearsEmily Russo | erusso@jewelers.orgjust before the pandemic. SALESAnd yet she persists. Bobbie HamburgYou can read her profile on page 24. bobbie.hamburg@nationaljeweler.com | 610-716-1225In Bloomington, Minnesota, Single-Store Independent inductees Dan and Hope Wixon have never been afraid to try something new and, potentially, have it fail.EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARDSome might label their missteps as mistakes but, to the Wixons, its just some- Cathy Calhoun, Calhoun Jewelersthing they tried that didnt work; they shake it off and move on to the next thing.Bill Farmer Jr., Farmers JewelryKaren Goracke, BorsheimsRead all about how they built the business of their dreams on page 10. Steve Padis, Padis JewelersThe second common theme among this years inductees is a desire to beCraig Rottenberg, Longs Jewelersclose to nature and animals, something almost everyone can identify with after living through 2020. Reinholds daughters described growing up in a fun house that was home to a whole menagerie of animals. The Wixons, meanwhile, live on 300 acres they say is full of animals and regularly bring their three Labrador retrievers to work with them. And then theres Terry Betteridge. Betteridge wanted to be a park ranger when he was a kid and, later in life, an environmental lawyer.PRESIDENTCEOHe was actually working as a fishing and bow-hunting guide in BritishDavid J. BonaparteColumbia, Canada, in the summer of 1975 when fate drew him into the family jewelry business. BOARD OF DIRECTORSRead all about it on page 18. Holly Wesche, Chair, Wesche Jewelers Caryl Capeci, Chow Tai Fook In addition to profiles on this years inductees, this issue contains a RetailRobert F. Moeller II, Chair-Elect, North AmericaIn Depth feature on an e-commerce business started by a jeweler with familyR.F. Moeller Jewelers Ronda Daily, Bremer Jewelryties to the industry (page 32) and a look back on lessons learned from theKaren Goracke, Vice Chair, Borsheims Elise Greenberg, Greenbergs Jewelerspandemic (page 44). Coleman Clark, Vice Chair, Simon Katz, Simons JewelersWe hope you find something in the following pages that inspires you toB.C. Clark Jewelers Lenny Kramer, Leo Schachter Diamondsmake positive changes in your business, and we hope you enjoy getting to knowCraig Rottenberg, Treasurer, Chuck Kuba, Iowa DiamondLongs Jewelers Robert Marks, Rogers Jewelry Co.the members of the Retailer Hall of Fame Class of 2021 as much as we did.Matthew Rosenheim, Secretary, Joseph Molfese, Bella Cosa JewelersTiny Jewel Box Steve Padis, Padis JewelersSee you all in person soon.Mike Alexander, Jewelers Mutual Stan Razny, owner, Razny JewelersChad Berg, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Tobey Ritchie, Harry RitchieLawrence Bock, Bachendorfs Steve Velasquez, Madison Jewelers Michelle Graff8 RETAILER HALL OF FAME \x14\x13\x14\x12'