b'Vision 2036 plan is built around four pillars. They are: sustainable economic development; human and social development; sustainable environment; and governance, peace, and security. Mosinyi says when De Beers developed its 2020 sustainability plan called Building Forever, it tried to align its goals with those the government outlined in Vision 2036.One of the main shared goals is to transform Botswana into a knowledge-based economy, something Masisi mentioned multiple times in his address.To this end, De Beers conducted a skills study in collaboration with global nonprofit the International Youth Foundation to, give us a view of really what is the challenge with youth and employment, where is the skills gap, Mosinyi says. The study showed that Botswana has a lot of information tech-nology graduates, but they are not trained on the more advanced technologies like artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things, or IoT, meaning the devices that have sensors, processing ability, and software that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. (Common examples of IoT devices include connected automobiles and wearables, like the Apple Watch or theThe Cuando River in Samsung Galaxy watch, though IoT usage and possibility extend wellAngola is one of the beyond the consumer space.) source rivers for the Okavango Delta. (Photo Another goal of Botswanaand again one that Masisi hit upon inby Kostadin Luchansky his addressis to be export-led and less dependent upon other coun- / National Geographic Okavango Wilderness tries for imports. Agriculture is one area Botswana has identified as aProject)potential source of new or increased exports. ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE.THE NUMBER ONE CHOICEFOR LOOSE DIAMONDS.We stock over 10,000 natural loose diamonds in all shapes and sizesfrom white diamonds to a rainbow assortment of natural, color diamonds and treated color diamondsall ready to ship to satisfy your store needs. We also offer value priced Lab Created diamonds.Plus: The ever so popular treated Black diamonds, in all shapes. Salt & Pepper diamonds and Fancy Gray color. Matched pairs of diamonds for earrings or side accents. Matching pairs in Rounds, Princess, Trillions and more.Call us today and experience the difference for yourself.Absolute Brilliance, Inc. 800.309.0040 sales@absolutebrilliance.com NATIONAL JEWELER 65'