b"Kimberly Adams Russell of Frank Adams Jewelers was mindful of good lighting when designing hernew store. (Imagecredit: Patrick Renzi)Frank Adams Jewelers' new store carries a number of watch brands, including Tudor and Rolex.SHOPPER-TAINMENTExperiential retail has been trending in recent years, but shopper-tainment takes the concept to the next level.The strategy, as the name suggests, is to blend shopping and entertainment, with the goal of engaging customers in physical stores.More retailers have been keeping this trend in mind when designing their stores, intentionally incorporating spots into their layouts where customers can interact with their products.What were seeing is that all retailers are reformulating and looking at what their market is telling them. The client intersection point happens at the store level because theIn 2022, Signet Jewelers-owned chain Banter, formerly Piercing store is no longer just [a place] to go and browse. The store is [aPagoda, partnered with digital fashion platform DressX on a limited- place] to go and visit and have an experience, says Monday. time phygital jewelry collection, available to try on through the For the luxury industry in particular, Leinbach says engagement, inDressX app.many cases, is limited due to the higher price points. Customers mustWhile trying on styles, shoppers could take pictures or videos of ask for assistance in order to engage with the product.their looks to share on social media for free.What were seeing now isShoppers could then purchase shopper-tainment offers experi- the jewelry digitally and add it to ences that allow the customer totheir avatars virtual closet and/or get engaged with or without salesCreate moments of pause thatbuy select jewels from Banter in associate interaction, she says. give your customers a reason totheir physical form.While jewelry retailers do haveWhile this was a mobile to keep security (and insurancewant to be a part of your store.experience, a QR code on signage policies) in mind, there are waysNICOLE LEINBACH, RETAIL MINDED could bring a similar experience to engage customers that dontinto stores.involve asking an associate for helpIn its 2024 Design Forecast, or customers having direct accessarchitecture and design firm to high-end items. Gensler highlighted the importance of melding the physical in-store Leather goods brand Coach partnered with augmented realityexperience with the digital world. (AR) fashion try-on company Zero10 at its SoHo store in New YorkBlending, not bifurcation, is the formula for consumer engage-last spring, installing AR mirrors to allow customers to virtually tryment. Experiences are no longer either/or; they are and. Today, on its new Tabby bag collection. Coach continued the partnershipbrands must strike a balance and find the right blend to meet consum-through the holiday season to create interactive AR window displays. er needs and create relevance for physical space, [while] also recogniz-Luxury is finally welcoming [shopper-tainment] into their spaceing where other channels can fill gaps, the report states. As the expe-because, historically, they were a bit removed from those opportuni- riences blur together, finding that intersection is even more important, ties, but youre starting to see more of it, Leinbach says.said Gensler, particularly when trying to grab consumers attention.You can do that as a jeweler, a luxury jeweler, any jeweler. You canBrands are investing in digital experiences that are additive in incorporate this into your space. You just have to identify what makesa meaningful wayintroducing ease, streamlining processes, or sense and how to do it.creating connection, according to the report.NATIONAL JEWELER 21"