b'back on the fast track!You spoke and we listened. Weve been working hard to improve our delivery. We are focused on the items you need the most so we dont have to compromise our industry leading quality and customer service. We identi ed our core jewelry products and built stock of our most popular sizes and metals. We also prioritized our standard mill alloys to ensure they remain on the fast track. GET ITQUICKFASTshipWe continue to offer thousands of made to order products and 38 specialty mill alloys with longerbut reliable lead times. If you dont see something you need, we will work with you on a solution.FASTER LEAD TIMES FOR MILL PRODUCTSGrain, solder and wire foot pieces in standardmetals ship same or next day. Other mill products in standard metals (14KW, 14KY, 18KY, 18K Royaland STR) ship in 4 business days.JEWELRY ITEMS ARE IN STOCKSettings and shanks in standard metals and sizes are in stock and ready to ship! Earrings and solitaires can be assembled in 5 days from stock components.MADE TO ORDER MILL AND JEWELRY ITEMS will ship in less than 15 business days.Let us earn back your business with our improved delivery times. MADE IN THE MADE IN THESINCE 1912 SINCE 1912MADE IN THEMADE IN THESINCE 1912SINCE 1912www.hooverandstrong.com info@hooverandstrong.com MADE IN THE 47NATIONAL JEWELERSINCE 1912MADE IN THESINCE 1912'