b"THE STATE OF RETAIL COLOREDDIAMONDSJEWELRY STONES DESIGNGrand Seiko's new We didnt have a lot of natural light in our otherboutique on New York City's Madison location. So, we were challenged all the time with lightingAvenue is its largest in as how to not have the jewelry look orange, especially thethe world.diamonds. Everything always had kind of a brownish hue or a warm tone.Russell learned her lesson and this time around, she set up the diamond area in a section of the store that gets plenty of natural light. She also took lighting into account when making her interior design choices.We were very intentional about the color, Russell says, opting for whites and pale grays for the walls and flooring so they dont distract from showing and selling diamonds. We did this wallpaper in a material that looks like cowhide with a white stone quartzite on all of the cases on the top so we would be showing our diamonds and our diamond jewelry on this white quartzite.Earlier this year, Seiko Watch Corp. opened its largest Grand Seiko boutique in the world on New York Citys Madison Avenue, utilizing a similar light and bright color palette.The two-story, 6,200-square-foot store is elegant and contemporary, said the company, with bright, white walls and light-colored wood accents.The light wood showcases were an intentional choice, made to show the same commitment to craftsmanship, precision, and distinctive Japanese quality as its timepieces.The store has a muted-beige seating area comple-mented by gray chairs that emanates the same cozy vibe as the new Frank Adams Jewelers.Every corner and detail of the boutique has been meticulouslyGrand Seiko's design choices areIts a little bit more considered to create ameant to evoke an elegant andminimal and the prod-contemporary feel.unique and inviting at- uct shines a bit more, mosphere to explore theshe says.world of Grand Seiko,Everythings gone said the company. through such a dark Shoppers will beperiod that everyones greeted by a similar colorkind of peeling back all palette and feel at otherthat. There is something new jewelry stores.so refreshing about walk-Brilliant Earth hasing into some of these been expanding its storecleaner stores that have network in recent years,peeled a lot away.also bringing a brightNicole Leinbach, and spacious feel to itsretail expert and founder new showrooms whereof Retail Minded, has lighter-colored woodsalso seen this color pal-mingle with white-col- ette popping up.ored walls and jewelry displays. I do tend to think light and bright is a popular retail footprint Visitors to Lugano Diamonds salon on Greenwich Avenue inbecause it allows for re-merchandising and allows for layers to be Connecticut, its recently opened seventh location, will find the sameintroduced to it, she says.light, bright atmosphere.You can do light and bright, but then you can also update it so Michelle Sherrier, founder of consultant group MC Designeasily with displays or seasonal changes.Collaboration, has noticed the very clean look trending in retail. Terry Monday, chief of strategy at visual communications company Continued on page 2018 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2024"