b'SEE YOU AT LUXURYIN LAS VEGAS theBOOTH #1012 STATEof theMAJORS2024WHATS INSIDE14 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Moving OnAcknowledging and acting on the need for change can be difficult but is almost always worth it, Michelle Graff writes.16 THE STATE OF RETAIL4 Retail Design Trends for 2024Experts offer inspiration for jewelers whether they are giving their store a light refresh or opening an entirely new location.28 $100 MILLION SUPERSELLERSCharting the retailers whose 2023 North American jewelryand watch sales totaled $100 million or more 40 TOP 50 SPECIALTY JEWELERSRanking the largest fine jewelry chains in North Americaby number of stores54 THE STATE OF THE COLOREDSTONE MARKETWhy the Market Is More Colorful Than EverSoaring prices and dwindling supply are fueling interestin some often-overlooked gemstones.62 THE STATE OF THE DIAMOND INDUSTRYBotswana Beyond DiamondsFrom growing moringa to establishing ecotourism in theOkavango Delta, the country is working to diversify its economy. 68 THE STATE OF JEWELRY DESIGN3 Themes That Will Shape the Next 5 YearsThese are the themes that rose to the top when assessingthe work of todays most influential jewelry designers.78 FINAL THOUGHTSHiring Salespeople Identifying candidates with the right wiring for sales is essential, Peter Smith writes. 12 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2024WWW.IFELUXGROUP.COM / T.786.534.2676 / INFO@IFELUXGROUP.COM'