b'THE STATE OF RETAIL COLOREDDIAMONDSJEWELRY STONES DESIGNShe noticed most customers went to the right when they walkedthe most part, that really worked out. I had an image in my head of in, a helpful pointer for merchandising. She also noted how welcom- exactly how I wanted it to feel, she says.ing some stores felt when she first walked in. Russell visited several jewelry stores, mainly in the Northeast, and For designer Sherrier, the flexibility trend can be a double-edged sword. researched stores that carry similar watch and jewelry brands, like She recalls working with a crystals retailer that had set aside a spaceRolex, Kwiat, David Yurman, and Longines. for readings. Though it was a fun idea, it ended up costing the store sales. While her aesthetic centered on homey vibes, she looked to other jew-In retail, thats your real estate and your real estate is dollars.elers for the more practical elements of the design process, like security.Flexible spaces are great, but I think what happens is, it absorbs a lotIt was helpful not only in learning how the showcases worked, [includ-of your profit because its the space that doesnt have a lot of prod- ing] the heights of them, [but also] the lock systems, and things like that.ucts in it because its going to be constantly [transforming], she says. The aesthetic part for mewas fun and exciting and something She loves the concept, she says, but its a trend perhaps betterthat I sort of did on my own, but the parts about the security and the saved for stores with a large space and not enough product to fill it. lighting and the detail-oriented [things], all of the actual architectural structure, was helpful for me to learn from others.OUT-OF-THE-BOX INSPIRATION For Monday, when she thinks about jewelry retailing, she sees When brainstorming a new store design, jewelers would do wellsimilarities to the cosmetics industry.to look beyond the industry and consider what others in the luxuryI would say that jewelry can learn a lot from cosmetics, she says, space are doing. noting that both face the task of highlighting small products.For Russell of Frank Adams Jewelers, she found a happy mediumIf you think about jewelry, the pieces are not big, so you cant during her store design process, consulting her fellow jewelers whiledwarf the pieces. So, its about scale and its about the light and the ultimately opting for a home interior designer to craft the look of hercolor that plays with the jewelry.new store. For Sherrier, her inspiration comes from both old-school and new-The designer she chose was a local hire who had no retail or jewelryschool methods.experiencewhich, she notes, was contrary to the advice she had beenAs pedestrian as Pinterest is, if you really go down the rabbit hole givenbut aligned with her goal of creating a comfortable, homey space. and start using different keywords, there is some amazing inspiration I kind of went out on a limb with my interior designer and, forin there, she says.Print magazines, however, are her go-to source.Digitals great and Pinterest is great, but if Im doing store openings or redoing the showrooms, Ill sit there and start to pull ideas off [the pages], where I can see it all in one sight versus having to go back and forth on digital or create digital spreadsheets. Its just a lot easier for me to pull tears. Im old-school though, she says.Another great source for retailers is other retailers, she says.Sherrier is the host of a retail-focused podcast called The Retail Whore and invites retailers on as her guests to share their successes and challenges.Retail, in general, is very lonely. They are in their stores day in, day out, she says. No one wants to talk about what works because its so competitive, but [the podcast] has become very much a space where retailers are really learning from other retailers.For Leinbach, inspiration can, and should, be found anywhere.She suggests retailers check out a local spa or favorite restaurant and make note of what they do and dont like about the design, flow, and layout, much like Russell did when coming up with the concept for the new Frank Adams Jewelers. What are they doing right that keeps you consumed as a consumer? And then try to mimic that in your own space because we are constantly able to learn from other industries within retail and customer care, Leinbach says. Image credit: James Waterhouse And I think that can really open up creative ideas for retailers to bring back to their business.24 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2024'