b'THE STATE OF RETAIL COLOREDDIAMONDSJEWELRY STONES DESIGNThe new Lugano Diamonds store on Greenwich Avenue in ConnecticutIn many cases, a consumers own device is the best way to gener- fashionable, incorporating them into your design vision for a more ate engagement, providing the choice to have a digitally augmentedimmersive brand experience, the report states.or totally analog experience. Flexibility can be taken literally, like displays that easily can be When thinking about customer engagement, retail expert Lein- moved around, or it can mean having one area serve several purpos-bach recalls a recent visit to Louis Vuitton on New York Citys Fifthes, like a counter that doubles as a BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up In Avenue where she encountered what sheStore) spot.calls moments of pause, or opportuni- Having mobile elements within the store ties to engage with products. can also make for an easier layout change.That can be accomplished with some- In retail, [space is] realEverybody is trying to recalculate thing as simple as having a selfie stationestate and your real and reconfigure their store regardless of in the store. estate is dollars. which entry point they are [at], whether You want to make sure youre en- theyre a value retailer all the way up to gaging your customer through invitingMICHELLE SHERRIER, luxury, says Monday, The Imagine Com-experiences. Get them to stop, dont keepMC DESIGN COLLABORATION pany executive.them moving, she says. You dont wantThe adaptability of a store is really to keep their feet moving too long be- about how a store can reconfigure so the cause that means theyre walking aroundshopping pathway can be different, so its your store so fast that they leave [because] nothing motivates themnot always walk in and just see cases.to want to stop and get engaged, she says. Retailers may want to move cases around now and then, like closer When thinking of interior store design, create moments of pause thatto a light source or to group together certain styles.give your customers a reason to want to be a part of your store, she says. [Retailers] want to be thinking about how that adaptability can surround the shopper so that it becomes more experiential.FLEXIBILITY When looking at store layouts, its important to think about the Retailers know the importance of flexibility but as an interiorclient experience, says Monday.retail design trend, the concept takes the literal form. Russell, of Frank Adams Jewelers, was mindful of store layouts The Imagine Company highlighted Flexible and Structural as awhile she was doing design research for her new store. That research trend in its 2024 In-Store Marketing and Retail Design Trends report. included visiting other stores to observe where customers headed From showcases to product displays, this trend is about movementfirst after they entered the store.and adaptability. [It] was helpful for me really [to understand] the flow of traffic, This trend is about taking the structural elements your locationsthe way that people walked in the door, which direction they went, need anyway and making them multifunctional and much moreshe says.Continued on page 2422 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2024'