b'BENCH PROFESSIONALCERTIFICATION PROGRAMVALIDATE COMMUNICATE DIFFERENTIATEyour skills. your professionalism. your business.Jewelers of America developed the Bench Professional Certification program in 1997 to promote the professionalism of jewelers and store owners. The nationally recognized certification ensures consumers are confident in the ability of the certified bench jeweler to perform quality work. The JA Bench Professional Certification Program establishes national standards and administers tests to rate the talents and proficiency of bench jewelers. When you enroll in the program, you simply take and pass an open book online written exam and a series of practical tests to become JA certified at on of three levels:CBBJ JA CERTIFIED BEGINNER BENCH JEWELERCBJ JA CERTIFIED BENCH JEWELERCMBJ JA CERTIFIED MASTER BENCH JEWELERJEWELERS.ORG/BENCHCERTIFICATION'