b'LUXURYReinventing EleganceV&A Luxury carries both bridal and fashion jewelry that continues to push the envelope of design.From timeless classics to modern statement pieces, our collection showcases a range of styles to suit any taste and occasion.A high-endLAB CREATEDdiamond company JUNE 2-5, 2023that supportsWOMEN EMPOWERMENT.LEVEL 2- BOOTH #15075 JUNE 2-5, 2023LEVEL 2- BOOTH #150756 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2023 Division of V&A Group 6120Tarnef Dr Houston Texas 77074 USA 1-866-283-4367www.ethoscreations.comDivision of V&A Group6120Tarnef DrHoustonTexas 77074 USA 866-283-4367info@vandaluxury.com www.VandAluxury.com'