b'LETTER FROM THE EDITOR120 Broadway, Suite 2820 | New York, NY 10271 | www.nationaljeweler.comTAKING STOCK EDITOR-IN-CHIEF E ach year, the team at National JewelerMichelle Graffuses The State of the Majors issue tomichelle.graff@nationaljeweler.comexplore the state of four of the mainEDITORIALbranches of the jewelry industryretail, dia- Senior Editor, Fashion Ashley Davismonds, colored stones, and jewelry design.ashley.davis@nationaljeweler.com Some years, these individual articles areAssociate Editor, News Lenore Fedowdisparate, exploring subjects that are exclu- lenore.fedow@nationaljeweler.com sive to each particular facet of the industry Associate Editor, Gemstones Lauren McLemoreresearch developments in colored gemstones,lauren.mclemore@nationaljeweler.comfor example, or the battles independentCONTRIBUTORSjewelry designers wage to protect their intel- Editorial Adrianne Sanogolectual property. Research Peggy Jo Donahue, Edahn GolanThis year is different. Copy Editor Peggy Jo DonahueWhile each article does an excellent job ofArt Direction and Design Weswen Designbreaking down a relevant topic, there is a common theme threading its way throughout the issue, and that theme is taking stock.SALESAll four articles examine where we are now, in a world thats undeniablyU.S. Sales | Bobbie Hamburgdifferent from the one we occupied in 2019, and help us think about where webobbie.hamburg@nationaljeweler.com | 610-716-1225are going as the world around us continues to change rapidly.India Sales | Kaushal Shah The article that most literally adheres to the theme of taking stock is thekaushal@kaushals.com | +91 98217 15431collection of Q&As on the State of Colored Stones (page 68) from contributorMARKETING & COMMUNICATIONSAdrianne Sanogo, GIA GG GP.Director of Marketing & CommunicationsSanogo touched based with six experts to discuss supply/demand, theMolly Fallon | mfallon@jewelers.orgimportance of origin, and whether anyone really cares about the PantoneMarketing & Communications ManagerColor of the Year.Emily Russo | erusso@jewelers.orgFor the State of Jewelry Design, Senior Editor Ashley Davis outlines whatsDigital Services Manager trending right now in terms of design (page 60).Michael Coleman | mcoleman@jewelers.orgA few of the trends stem from peoples desire to get out and express joyEDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARDfollowing a period of isolation while another, unisex jewelry, speaks to evolvingCathy Calhoun, Calhoun Jewelersattitudes about whats masculine and whats feminine.Bill Farmer Jr., Farmers JewelryThe final two stories, the State of Retail and the State of Diamonds, focusKaren Goracke, Borsheimson technology, which continues to advance at a breakneck pace, making it allSteve Padis, Padis Jewelersthe more important to understand where we are and where we might be going.Craig Rottenberg, Longs JewelersIn the State of Retail story (page 14), Associate Editor Lenore Fedow ex-amines the growing problem of cybercrime and what jewelers can do to guard against it. In the State of Diamonds, I look at how artificial intelligence is changing diamond grading (page 52). PRESIDENT & CEOAs usual, columnist Peter Smith closes out the issue with a thoughtful article.David J. BonaparteThis year, Smith offers his opinion on the main reason salespeople often dont ask for the sale, which may surprise you (page 76).BOARD OF DIRECTORSI hope you enjoy this issue and if you see me in Vegas, please say hi.Robert F. Moeller II, Chair, Kim Crawford, Macys Inc.R.F. Moeller Jewelers Krystle Craycraft, Jewelers Mutual GroupColeman Clark, Chair-Elect, Edward Dikes, Weston JewelersB.C. Clark Jewelers Sue Hopeman, Robbins Brothers JewelersMatthew Rosenheim, Vice Chair, Lenny Kramer, Leo Schachter DiamondsTiny Jewel Box Chuck Kuba, Iowa DiamondCraig Rottenberg, Vice Chair, Valerie Madison, Valerie MadisonMichelle Graff, Editor-in-ChiefLongs Jewelers Fine JewelryElise Greenberg, Treasurer, Robert Marks, Rogers Jewelry Co.Greenbergs Jewelers Steve Padis, Padis JewelryKaren Goracke, Secretary, Borsheims Stan Razny, Razny JewelersHolly Wesche, Immediate Past Chair,Tobey Ritchie, Harry RitchiesWesche JewelersChad Berg, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Sherry Smith, The Edge Retail AcademyTonia Leitzel Ulsh, Mountz Jewelers12 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2023 Lawrence Bock, Bachendorfs Steve Velasquez, Madison JewelersJeffery Bolling, Jeffery B JewelersJoseph Corey, Days Jewelers'