b'$100 MILLION SUPERSELLERSLegal Disclaimer: All sales figures are based on the companys most recently completed fiscal year and include sales in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Store counts are as of Dec. 31, 2022 and the executives listed are current as of press time.Whenever possible, National Jeweler verified annual sales figures and store counts for both the $100 Million Supersellers and Top 50 Specialty Jewelers lists. When such information could not be obtained, sales and store counts were estimated using the best available industry data.National Jeweler has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided in these publications. However, the information is provided as is and as available, without warranty of any kind. To the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, National Jeweler expressly disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind with respect to these publications and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality or reliability of the information contained in these publications.National Jeweler shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, special damages, lost profits or any damages of a similar nature even if National Jeweler has been advised of the possibility of such damages.EARN CASH DIVIDENDS.Were RJO, the premierjewelers cooperative,founded by and for jewelers to achieve greater success.For over half a century, weve put millions of dollars into the hands of our retail members/owners through cash back rebates on their inventory and business purchases. But the savings dont end there. RJO members also have accessto free seminars, hosted foreign buying trips and low,pre-negotiated vendor prices. Visit our website to learn all the benefits of RJOand how to join. 1.800.241.1774rjomembers.com36 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2023'