b'F rom miners and dealers to designers and retailers, everybody along the colored gemstone supply chain has felt the impact of the past few years.The pandemic, U.S. and global sanctions on Russian diamonds, and the spotlight placed on racial and economic inequity worldwide have changed the way almost everybody thinks, acts and does business. To better understand the market today, National Jeweler caught up with six players whove managed to survive an ongoing pandemic, navigate disrupted supply chains, and get on board the global digital takeover. They represent all points along the supply pipeline, from those who mine gems in Africa, to longtime gem dealers in New York Citys Diamond District, to a retailer in the Rocky Mountain region.Each one had a positive outlook, expressing their optimism for the market all while managing to share valuable insights. The best partwe got to find out from each of them which colored gemstone truly has their heart.NATIONAL JEWELER 69'