b'THEStateOF THEMAJORS2021WHATS INSIDE8 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR High AnxietyEditor-in-Chief Michelle Graff shares whats worrying her, even amid strong jewelry sales.10 THE STATE OF RETAILJewelers Riding Out the Storms From floods to fires, retailers in two states share their experiences with extreme weather.19 THE STATE OF THE MAJORSEdahns Take: 2020 Was a Wild RideIndustry analyst Edahn Golan shares what he learned while compiling this years State of the Majors lists. 22 $100 MILLION SUPERSELLERSCharting the retailers whose 2020 North American jewelry and watch sales totaled $100 million or more 34 TOP 50 SPECIALTY JEWELERSRanking the largest fine jewelry chains in North America by number of stores48 THE STATE OF JEWELRY DESIGNThe Contemporary Jewelry Designers to Collect NowExperts opine on the independent brands with the greatest investment potential. THE STATE OF THE COLORED STONE 54 MARKETThe Big Picture Various players in the market dig into the impact large-scale mining operations are having on local communities. 64 THE STATE OF THE DIAMOND INDUSTRYA Detection Dictionary This guide breaks down the functionality of more than a dozen of the top diamond screening devices available today. 72 FINAL THOUGHTSA Much-Needed Reminder6 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2021 After almost losing a friend, columnist Peter Smith reflects on why jewelry really matters to people.'