b'INTRODUCING THE NEW 3SHERLOCK HOLMES0.Lab-Grown Diamond Detectorby30The Sherlock Holmes.has the same 100%detection rate as the SH2 0.Only$6,745 USDChecks 18 rings at a time!_Easier to work with!Improved UI and folding screen_Control your SH 3. 0remotelyfrom anywhere in the worldvia Mobile Phone, Tablet or PC_Numerous sensitivities for amuch better analysis of the results_Eight Times Magnification!A 0.00 5ct. ( 1mm ) diamond looks like a 2ct.diamond ( 8mm ) on the screen makingdetection of the smallest diamondsand simulants very easy_Internal Long UV test to reduce false positive results_Easier and better simulants detection_Easy to Transport ( bag included )_Automatic software update via Wifi_Ability to save results directly to yourGoogle-Drive or memory stick and more!+ NATIONAL JEWELER 67YEHUDA.COM'