b'LETTER FROM THE EDITOR120 Broadway, Suite 2820 | New York, NY 10271 | www.nationaljeweler.comHIGH ANXIETY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Michelle GraffA gainst all odds, 2020 was a great yearmichelle.graff@nationaljeweler.comand 2021 is shaping up to be just asEDITORIALgood, if not better.Senior Editor, Gemstones Brecken BranstratorJewelry sales have been almost unbeliev- brecken.branstrator@nationaljeweler.comably strong, making retailers happy, keepingSenior Editor, Fashion Ashley Davismanufacturers busy and business humming,ashley.davis@nationaljeweler.comincluding here at National Jeweler.Associate Editor, News Lenore Fedowlenore.fedow@nationaljeweler.comIts the first time since I joined the publi-cation in 2007 that I can remember so muchCONTRIBUTORSpositivity percolating in the industry.Research Edahn Golan, Peggy Jo DonahueSo, why arent I happier and more relaxed? Copy Editor Peggy Jo DonahueIn part, its because I have a creeping suspicion the good times wont last,Design and Layout Weswen Designand because there are so many things to be anxious about these days.SALESIts worrying, for example, to live in New York City and have smoke fromU.S. Sales | Bobbie Hamburgwildfires burning thousands of miles away turn the sun a strange shade ofbobbie.hamburg@nationaljeweler.com | 610-716-1225orange for days while your phone dings with an electricity conservation alertIndia Sales | Kaushal Shah kaushal@kaushals.com| +91 98217 15431amid yet another heatwave. All this severe weather has me wondering: Do retailers worry like I do? AreMARKETING & COMMUNICATIONSshifting weather patterns one of the issues that keeps them up at night? Director of Marketing & CommunicationsI tasked our Associate Editor, News, Lenore Fedow with finding out. ReadMolly Fallon | mfallon@jewelers.orgher story on page 10.Digital Services ManagerMichael Coleman | mcoleman@jewelers.orgIn late May, a close colleague of mine emailed me about one of the issuesDigital Content Coordinatorthat keeps him up at nighthaving the right equipment to separate lab-grownEmily Russo | erusso@jewelers.orgdiamonds from natural.Marketing CoordinatorHe clued me in to an event taking place over the summer in the city, theCaroline Rychlik | crychlik@jewelers.orgDiamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of Americas DiamondEDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARDTechnology Showcase.Cathy Calhoun, Calhoun JewelersI went and I wrote it about on page 64. Bill Farmer Jr., Farmers JewelrySupply chains are another concern.Karen Goracke, BorsheimsEveryone loves to toss around words like sustainability, traceability, andSteve Padis, Padis JewelersCSR but, in the end, is everybody really benefitting from the Roaring 2020sCraig Rottenberg, Longs Jewelerswere currently experiencing? Senior Editor, Gemstones, Brecken Branstrator cannot answer that ques-tion for the entire jewelry supply chain but she did look into the operations of the large-scale colored gemstone miners for her story on page 54.Luckily, my constant anxiety did not infect this entire issue of National Jewelers State of the Majors. PRESIDENT & CEOSenior Editor, Fashion, Ashley Davis wrote about the contemporary jewelryDavid J. Bonapartedesigners well one day be clamoring to collect in the same way people snatch up Art Deco-era Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels Zip necklaces at auction today. BOARD OF DIRECTORSYou can read all about it on page 48. Robert F. Moeller II, Chair, Caryl Capeci, Chow Tai FookAnd both Edahn Golan and Peter Smith wrote about the power of fine jew- R.F. Moeller Jewelers North Americaelry to connect us. You can read their stories on page 19 and 72, respectively.Coleman Clark, Chair-Elect,Kim Crawfor, Macys Inc.B.C. Clark Jewelers Ronda Daily, Bremer JewelryI hope you enjoy everything this magazine has to offer, and that you areMatthew Rosenheim, Vice-Chair,Edward Dikes, Westone Jewelerssafe, well, and less anxious than I am. Tiny Jewel Box Lenny Kramer, Leo Schachter DiamondsCraig Rottenberg, Vice-Chair,Chuck Kuba, Iowa DiamondLongs Jewelers Valerie Madison, Valerie MadisonElise Greenberg, Treasurer, Fine JewelryGreenbergs Jewelers Robert Marks, Rogers Jewelry Co.Karen Goracke, Secretary, Borsheims Steve Padis, Padis JewelersMichelle Graff, Editor-in-ChiefHolly Wesche, Immediate Past Chair, Stan Razny, owner, Razny JewelersWesche Jewelers Tobey Ritchie, Harry RitchieMike Alexander, Jewelers Mutual Tonia Leitzel Ulsh, Mountz Jewelers8 STATE OF THE MAJORS 2021 Chad Berg, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry Steve Velasquez, Madison JewelersLawrence Bock, BachendorfsJeffery Bolling, Jeffery B Jewelers'